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When it comes to carpet, upholstery and furniture cleaning, the two businesses are repeatedly talked about and used in San Diego. These two businesses are Blue Team Home Services and Sears carpet cleaning services. But which one is better? Before you can make your choice, there are many things to consider and weigh.

The first and biggest similarity is that both Blue team and Sears provide a 30 day satisfaction guarantee on their services. Though there are some major differences, the two cleaning processes are almost exactly the same. Heat, special cleaning supplies and state-of-the-art cleaning equipment are available in both processes. The reputation of these two companies for providing outstanding services is undeniable. However Sears due to it’s current mismanagement is on a fast decline some experts expect it’s demise in the next few years.

There are major differences in the carpet cleaning processes of the two companies: BLUE TEAM HOME SERVICES Cleaning Process is as follows:

1. Pre-inspection
2. Furniture Moving
3. Pre-spray using our own unique chemicals & Pre-spot
4. Thermo Rinse & Extract
5. Re-inspection
6. ScotchGardTM Carpet & Fabric Protector(optional)
7. Grooming
8. Post-inspection

Sears offers a 2 step cleaning process in which a cleaning chemical is applied and than extracted using an acid rinse they offer a Deep clean for an additional “charge” they also use off the shelf cleaning solutions themselves that MANY OTHER COMPANIES USE they just add their name on the label. The next difference is that of the equipment. Though both use modern techniques and instruments, Blue Team boasts Prochem top of the line Everest cleaning
equipment that is attached to their vans, making it a “higher powered” process. Sears equipment is also attached to their vehicles,however Sears in an effort to cut costs has moved over to lower cost equipment in San Diego county in order to cut costs compared to what they had just a few short years ago but this is not an aspect they advertise.

BLUE TEAM HOME SERVICES technicians are full-time permanent salaried staff, and they participate in comprehensive, ongoing mandatory in-house training, IICRC (Institute of Inspection Restoration and Cleaning) training and industry-leading safety programs. Unlike Sears which pays their technicians on commission and pushes add-on services in order for them to make their money.
Also, Blue Team takes care to mention that the furniture of the room or rooms to be cleaned should be cleared out if at all possible before cleaning, a small service difference of which Sears makes no mention. These differences are largely ones of advertising and not of quality.

Both services have functions on their websites that allow you to estimate how much a job will cost. The Blue Team Home Services website has a minimum finished job of $75 and HAS NO FUEL/ ENVIRONMENTAL FEES unlike Sears which charges an additional fee of $9 or more and specifies that Sears has a minimum order of $80, both Blue team and Sears charge by “area” or space up to 250 square feet, helping you get a better idea of the charge.

Time Frame
Blue Team recommends cleaning your carpets every 6 to 12 months, and up to every month if your home is high in traffic if you have kids and pets. Sears cites “most carpet manufacturers” and recommends you get your carpet cleaned professionally every 12 to 18 months, at least. Sears might not even be around to clean your carpets in the 12-18 months.

Bottom Line
The bottom line on these two carpet cleaning companies is that they both even out in the big picture. It is easier to estimate your costs with Blue Team. They both have great reputations and satisfaction guarantees on their services although Sears is on a fast decline due to their poor management decisions. You won’t go wrong going with Blue Team Home Services of San Diego over Sears for a thorough cleaning of your carpet call or text us at 858-566-3082 or visit us online at blueteamcarpetcleaning.com´╗┐
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