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Carpet In San Diego

Why Choose BLUE TEAM CARPET Cleaning of San Diego

1. Reputation
2. Experience
3. Education
4. Systems
5. Guarantee

When it comes to selecting a professional service company to maintain your carpet, upholstery, tile and grout there are several things to consider. Here is a checklist that will ensure that you have asked the right questions to avoid the uninformed, uneducated, or downright unscrupulous service companies! Do They Have Good References? Some of the area’s most seasoned Carpet Retailers, Interior Designers, and Realtors refer our services.

• You Get What You Bargain For? The lower the price the higher the risk! Never select a service company based on price alone or big brand name such as SEARS. Some companies would have you believe that you can get a quality service for a very low price. Quality service is not cheap. With BLUE TEAM carpet Cleaning you get the peace of mind of working with the most reputable, experienced, educated and guaranteed company in Southern California. By using a quality company like ours, you will save money in the long run.

• What kind of Experience Do They Have? BLUE TEAM Carpet Cleaning technicians have a minimum 8 years of experience in cleaning all types of carpet and fabric as well as every soiling condition know to our industry,

• What Kind of Systems Do They Use? BLUE TEAM Carpet Cleaning systems are the most advanced on the market getting MAXIMUM SOIL REMOVAL and MAXIMUM SPOT REMOVAL without leaving sticky residue or over-wetting your carpet.

• Are They Well Educated in Their Field? BLUE TEAM Carpet Cleaning participates in many seminars, classes related to our industry.

• What Kind of Guarantee Do They Have? BLUE TEAM Carpet Cleaning offers a 100% money-back guarantee. If you are not completely satisfied, we will return at no charge to address the issue. If you are still unsatisfied, we will honor our money back guarantee.

• Do They Have Insurance? BLUE TEAM Carpet Cleaning carries 1,000,000 in liability insurance along with Worker’s Comp. Insurance. Copies of certificate of insurance are available upon request.

• How many Steps are in Their Cleaning Process? Most companies only use two (SEARS CARPET CLEANING OF SAN DIEGO IS AN EXAMPLE OF THIS) our Multi Step process insures maximum soil and spot removal.

Trust is the key……

Are we perfect? We sure try to be, but the truth is, no we aren’t.
However, trusting us can boiled down into these simple corporate philosophies:

• You can TRUST that we we’ll treat you and your house with the care and respect that you expect and deserve.

• You can TRUST that we we’ll work hard to accomplish the tasks that we’ve agreed to perform for you, on time, on budget and without compromise.

• You can TRUST that although we’re not perfect, our heart’s always in the right place and if mistakes are made, we’ll resolve the problem.

• If you’re just learning about BLUE TEAM Carpet Cleaning Of SAN DIEGO then let us introduce you to a whole level of AFFORDABLE service.

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