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The most overlooked aspect of your dryer is the dryer vent exhaust system. Out of sight, out of mind! The dryer vent exhaust system begins with the transition hose that runs from your dryer to the wall. The system then continues through the walls or attic where it makes its final exit to the exterior of the building. Every system should have an outside hood to keep animals out and be equipped with a functioning back draft damper.

Are you having problems drying your laundry? It’s probably not your dryer, it could be your dryer vent system. Call Blue Team Home Services of San Marcos we service all of San Diego county.

Experts recommend always having your dryer vent system professionally cleaned at least once a year.

A dirty dryer vent makes the dryer run longer, costing up to $200 more per year to operate the dryer.
Dryer Vent Cleaning Indicators:Warning signs
Your dryer takes over 50 minutes to dry a load of laundry or more than one cycle.
The top of your dryer is hot to the touch while in operation.
Dryer lint is collecting on the inside of the dryer door.
There is a slight burning smell while drying your laundry.
Humidity is found inside the dryer door.
Water is found in the transition hose connecting the dryer to the wall.
Excessive lint is found on dark clothing.
There is a moldy or musty smell on your clothing.
You have never had your dryer vent system cleaned.

Benefits of having us clean your dryer vent:
Blue Team cleans thousands of Dryer vents per year
Reduces your risk of having a dryer fire.
Your laundry will dry much faster because your dryer can breathe again.
Drastically lower your power bill, saving you up to $200 per year. The service pays for itself in energy savings.
Extends the life of your dryer with fewer repairs. Your dryer does not have to work as hard with a clean dryer vent.
Helps save the environment because your dryer uses much less energy. A clean vent is a green vent!
Reduces the risk of carbon monoxide poisoning if using a gas dryer.
You may need Blue Team Home Services of San Marcos to replace your transition hose.

Your transition hose connects your dryer to the wall. If your dryer has a transition hose made out of plastic or foil you could be at risk of a dryer fire. Plastic and foil transition hoses are not up to code and should be replaced as soon a possible. They kink easily and they are a fire hazard like the one you see in the picture to the left. We only install Dryer Flex the safest and highest quality transition hoses available.
You may need Blue Team Home Services of San Marcos to repair or install a dryer vent duct.

Your dryer vent duct starts at the wall behind your dryer and runs through the walls or attic where it makes its final exit to the exterior of the building. It is not uncommon for this duct work to separate or break. When this happens every time your dryer is used moist humid air escapes into your walls and attic space. In a full load of wet laundry there is about half gallon of water. Overtime this water can lead to mold and mildew growth in your walls and attic. Another common problem is the use of slinky or flexible type duct that runs through the walls and attic. This is made out of plastic or foil and is a serious fire hazard.It should be replaced as soon as possible. All duct work should be made out of aluminum.Call or Txt Blue Team Home Service of San Marcos today at 858-566-3082 or book online at blueteamcarpet.com