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Do You Know the Difference Between Rug and Carpet Cleaning?
By Bill Morrill | April 26, 2016

Most people don’t know the difference between the two. Most people loosely interchange them when requesting service such as “I need my carpets picked up for cleaning” instead of I need my rugs picked up for cleaning. Just to clarify…

Carpet cleaning mostly refers to cleaning installed wall-to-wall carpet. There are multiple carpet cleaning methods, but Blue Team of San Marcos,Ca only uses hot-water extraction aka “Steam Cleaning” that is best for getting out ground in dirt, dust and allergens. Of course, this is done in your home. While we are in your home you can also elect to have us clean your upholstery and tile & grout or Dryer Vent.

Rug cleaning deals with movable rugs that can be rolled up and taken to our cleaning plant in San Marcos Ca. The rug cleaning process is MUCH different than that of carpet cleaning. For area rugs that need to be sanitized and treated for odor damage caused by pet urine, the rug is sprayed with a “green” enzyme solution to kill any bacteria. Afterwards, the rug will be immersed in a neutralizing solution to break down the heavy alkaline salts in the urine allowing for a more thorough removal of urine residue. Once the rug has had sufficient time to dwell with the neutralizer it will be rinsed and then fed through a wringer process to squeeze out all standing water. This part of the process only neutralizes the urine odor.

Now, the rug will be immersed in an odor-counteracting treatment and allowed to dwell. The rug will then go into the washing area to get a hand scrubbing on the front and back with a specific shampoo suited for the rugs fibers and makeup. Once it has been hand washed, the rug is rinsed thoroughly of all cleaning solutions, fed through the wringer process to squeeze out all water, groomed and then hung to dry in a climate controlled heat room. The drying process takes approximately 9 hours. Once it is dry, the rug is inspected for maximum soil, odor and spot removal. If odor and/or soil is still present the rug will go through the process again. However Sears carpet cleaning of San Diego does not use this process they simply pick up the rug and steam clean it on their warehouse floor.

Extracting water and drying the rug properly is very important and if a rug is not completely dry before delivery or pick up, it could smell. If you have a dirty rug, hire one of the best rug cleaners in your With online searches and comparing apples with apples, it is not difficult to find who is who. Quality over price should be your first concern. Call or Txt BLUE TEAM Carpet Cleaning of San Marcos’Ca at 858-566-3082.