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5 Tough carpet stains

Stains on your carpet are never fun! People generally spend thousands of dollars on carpeting their home, so looking down and seeing little spots, or a big messy stain can be heartbreaking. Luckily, BLUE TEAM of San Marcos,Ca carpet cleaning professionals have some advice on immediate action that you can take to prevent the stains from becoming permanent! Blood: As gross as it sounds, blood is a common stain and one Read More

4 Steps to a clean carpet in San Marcos,Ca

           4 Steps to a Fresh, Clean, Healthy Carpet And 7 Questions to Ask Any Cleaner Before Inviting Them Into Your Home  If you're thinking about having your carpets cleaned, BLUE TEAM Carpet & Air Duct Cleaning of San Marcos,Ca encourages you to follow these four steps: STEP #1:  Make a commitment to yourself to get your carpets cleaned.   The longer they remain dirty, the sooner they'll wear out.Plus the longer you have to Read More

Quality Air Duct Cleaning San Marcos,Ca

Benefits of Air Duct Cleaning with BLUE TEAM Air Duct Cleaning of San Marcos,Ca There are many benefits to having your air ducts cleaned.BLUE TEAM Carpet & Air Duct Cleaning has been providing quality truck mounted Air Duct Cleaning since 1990 we also service Carlsbad,Ca and all of San Diego County. Indoor air pollution is now listed by the Environmental Protection Agency as the fourth greatest environmental threat to Americans. When your Read More

San Marcos Ca Best BLUE TEAM Carpet Cleaning

Why spend the money on new carpet when you can call BLUE TEAM Carpet Cleaning – San Marcos,Ca most trusted and experienced carpet cleaners – to restore the look and feel of your carpet for a fraction of the cost! BLUE TEAM Carpet Cleaning has been the best choice for residential and commercial carpet cleaning experience in the San Marcos area since 1990. Our stellar reputation is a result of Read More

Breathing Better in Your Home by BLUE TEAM Air Duct Cleaning

Most of us enjoy breathing sweet, clean air. But for the many people who suffer from allergies and respiratory problems, clean air is a necessity, not an indulgence. Fortunately,BLUE TEAM Carpet & Air Duct Cleaning of Seatac and Everett,Wa offers homeowners a wide range of options that can help them breathe more easily and comfortably in the home. The traditional furnace air filter isn't designed to clean air much at all. Read More

BLUE TEAM San Marcos Cleaning tips

Useful Carpet Cleaning Tips by BLUE TEAM Carpets are a significant investment so it's important that homeowners   are able to maintain the beauty of this precious wood floor covering, homeowners should familiarize themselves with practical carpet cleaning tips from BLUE TEAM CARPET & AIR DUCT CLEANING of San Marcos,Ca. Easy steps to clean a carpet Carpets definitely add a dash of elegance and order inside the house. It can turn an ordinary area into Read More

Three Tips to Maintain Your Air Ducts After a Professional Cleaning

Vent cleaning can be a valuable investment for your home. Some homes can span the time in between cleanings all the way up to seven years. Here are some tips that may help reduce your need for air vent cleaning services after your most recent cleaning. Change Your Filters Each Month  Changing your filters regularly greatly reduces the amount of dust and debris that gets caught in your air vents. BLUE TEAM Read More